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This is a great children’s book that will empower your kids to know their identity in Christ. It’s filled with great stories from the Bible that will teach a child to hold fear captive because God is by their side.
— A.V

Note from the Author:

This book is unlike anything I've ever released before to the public. So many of the resources we have today move away from the topics that people most need help with; therefore, I decided to tackle one of the biggest ones--- fear. If children are taught to be victorious over fears when the are young, they will be more of a force to reckoned with when they grow older. As an author, I truthfully believe God is going to do something incredible through this next generation and while although this book is at a reading level where young readers can read on their own, I encourage parents to read this book with their child or children during story time or bed time. We were not called to do this life alone and I fully believe that this book will shift things not just for your child, but for your whole family. God Bless!


About the Book:

Many children face different fears as they grow up and are never taught how to have victory over them. Be Gone, Fear is a book that encourages children to overcome those fears and to live a life filled with courage. The author uses relevant and exciting stories from the Bible to help children understand the truth of God's character and how He will be with us just like He was with those in the stories of the Bible. This book will teach your child the authority they have in Christ to say NO to fear and YES to what God has for them. Their identity will be awakened and they will be equipped to be the fearless generation God has called them to be.

Recommended Ages: 4-11 yrs old


Reviews of Be Gone, Fear



"Every child needs this book so they can learn the power they have through Jesus Christ at a young age. It will set them up for a life full of God, so that when trials come they will not be defeated!"

— Mikala Hubbard//C3 Kidz Pastor & North Campus Pastor at C3 San Diego


"Fear paralyzes us, but faith empowers us! That's why "Be Gone Fear!" is such a needed topic for kids! Bre, does a great job teaching children to take the focus off their circumstances and put their confidence in God!"

— Samuel Deuth//Preacher | Author


"Be Gone, Fear is a book that every child needs to read and have on their book shelf. It is full of truth that will arm them with courage for life."

— Cathie Clancy//Author and Co-Founder of Overflow Kids/OKTV